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Chlorophyll – Chlorophyllin 

Natural Green Colorants.  

Chlorophyll is the green prigment found in leaves, grass, vegetables and all organisms capable of photosynthesis.
Chlorophyl is an oil soluble pigment obtained from lucerne, nettle, Spinach and Grass, providing an olive green colour. 
Chlorophyllin is obtained by the addition of copper and then hydrolysis, resulting in Copper Chlorophyllin. This is water soluble providing a green/blue to yellowish green colour. 
The Cu Chlorophyllin pigment is very stable towards light and heat, whereas standard Chlorophyllin has poor stability in both of these conditions. 
Typical Applications:
  • Ice Cream
  • Dairy Products
  • Confectionery
  • Beverages
  • Sauces

Product Forms Available:

  • Water Soluble Liquid (Acid stable available)
  • Water Soluble Powder
  • Oil Soluble Liquid

Recommended Usage Level

0.01% – 0.1% dependeing on product strenght.

Nettle Extract.

Natural Green Colorants. 

Copper chlorophyllin is permitted widely as a food colour throughout Europe, although it use in the USA is limited to dentifrice. Copper chlorophylls and copper chlorophyllins are chemically modified natural extracts and cannot truly be termed natural. 


Spinach Extract OS 20

Natural Green Colourant.

The Spinach Extact OS 20 is an Oil Soluble Colorant with Strength of 20%. Their components make a good natural colorant to resist the pH, temperature and sunlight. 


  • Cucumber relishes
  • Dessert mixes
  • Cheese.
  • Beverages.


  • Green Clean Label Colorants. 

    Natural Green Colorants. 

    The five natural colours previously discussed are those most widely used by the food industry in Europe and North America. They are available in substantial quantities and at an affordable price. Several other natural colours are permitted but for reasons of price, availability or colour performance these are not so widely used.